SoMex Research & Health Organisation
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Our Services

Site Feasibility:
We help Principal Investigator to understand in depth of feasibility questionnaire so that real information is extracted out. It helps to avoid poor enrollments if the site is being selected.
We reconfirm with Principal Investigator through discussion and available record to give true picture of site regarding feasibility.

Site Selection:
We have a broader data base of the various sites, which enables to select the site which are more relevant to the protocol.
We select the site with utmost care so that projected enrollments and data quality can be meet out.
Previous records of the sites are scrutinized regarding enrollment and various other parameters.

Our organization provides site co-ordinators to manage the day to day activities at the site.
Our co-ordinators are having vast potentiality to make the site different from the others.
Our co-ordinators are well versed to full fill timely requirements of regulatory authorities.

We Manage The Site:
We help investigator to explain consent to patient in there own words and accent, even for which consent form is not available.

We Care The Financial Agreement:
We routinely supervise the progress of clinical trial and manage the funds strictly according to the financial agreement among the clients looking the Indian scenario.

Investigational Product(s) & Material Supply Management:
We are specialist in handling of Investigational Product(s) and other trial related supplies.
Time guidelines are always respected.

Regulatory Compliance:
We are disciplined to obey the international guidelines (ICH-GCP) and it is in our habit to keep the trial according to the expectations of international & their own national regulatory requirements.

Catalyst To Subject Enrollment:
Our trained co-ordinators make the good liaisons and work as an catalyst to enroll the subjects by various strategies permissible by regulatory authorities. Not only enrollment but our co-ordinators do their best efforts to stop the drop-out by the subjects from the study by paying the full attention and by solving their difficulties in compliance of trial.

Resolution Of Queries:
Queries resolved on priority basis whether these are from sponsor or from the investigator site.
The early resolution of queries always help the all sides to generate the clean & legible data.

Progress Report:
The people from the SoMex keep the track of site activities in form of progress report for the particular protocol.
This help in the proper analysis to rectify the strategies for smoothening the study.

We have a team of experts to translate the documents according to need of protocol.

Conduct CME/Sponsor Program:
We are having a specialized team with experience in medical events in collaboration with event organizations of international standards to conduct the events like CME, Exhibitions and other health related programs successfully.

Investigator Meetings:
SoMex Research & Health Services believes that a successful investigator meet is a stone of foundation on which a remarkable building of expectations can be structured.
The interaction with the Principal Investigators & specialists of other fields rules out the various deviation from the protocol.

With help of chart, slides, audio and visual aids

Health Survey

Market Survey

Drug Survey

Prescription Survey Of Doctors

Hospital Based Survey

Health Event Management

Conduct The "Unrestrictive Education Grant"